Tim Jones on August 25, 2015
Gravel Segment
From Down East Sunrise Trail, Cherryfield, Washington County to Down East Sunrise Trail, Hancock, Hancock County, Maine
2015 gravel was packed down into two paths from ATV traffic. This leaves a center berm of course gravel. Tires smaller than 35mm may not work well. WTB Nano 40c worked perfect. Saturday morning in July I passed less than 10 ATVs they all slowed down to pass and wave. (no bikes?)
28.44 miles
36 ft minimum
282 ft maximum
981 ft gain
853 ft loss

100% gravel

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 Keating Pepper
on May 17, 2021
rode from ellsworth to franklin on 5/16/21. First 3 miles out of ellsworth are fine, it quickly deteriorates into loose sand topped with mountains of egg-sized sharp rocks. watched dirt bikes struggle. really not suitable for bicycling. lots and lots of ATVs, side by sides, etc.
 Mark Godin
on August 14, 2018
Rode this portion on 8/14/18 from Ellsworth to Cherryfield. My set up is a Cannondale Super X with Schwalbe X One 35 tubeless. The first 5 miles out of Ellsworth were fast with great hard pack. Able to move along at 15+ mph. The next 5 miles were looser but with ample hard sections. Miles 10 -25 were quite loose and slow - I was averaging 8-10 mph. Needed to work hard and pay attention all the time. By mile 25 I was fighting it and went down in a moment of inattention. Last 5 miles in to Cherryfield were again packed down and easy. This was not an easy ride and one I would not recommend if your looking for a gravel cruise. Might be more enjoyable with fatter tires (40 or larger) and being prepared to ride slower. - Mark Godin