Tim Jones

Tim has contributed 2 routes spanning 41 miles of routes in New York and Maine.

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28 mi   gravel

Down East Sunrise Trail Cherryfield/Ellsworth

Gravel route from Down East Sunrise Trail to Down East Sunrise Trail, Hancock, Hancock County, Maine

"2015 gravel was packed down into two paths from ATV traffic. This leaves a center berm of course gravel. Tires smaller than 35mm may not work well. WTB Nano 40c worked perfect. Saturday morning in July I passed less than 10 ATVs they all slowed down to pass and wave. (no bikes?) "

12 mi   gravel

12 mile stewart loop

Gravel route on Barron Rd, Campbell Hall, Orange County, New York

"Mix of old roads. Dirt/gravel/pavement. No cars "