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12 mi   gravel

Lime Kiln/Blue Grass Hollow

Gravel route from Douthat State Park Rd to Blue Grass Hollow Rd, Millboro, Bath County, Virginia

6 mi   gravel

Forest Road 604.2

Gravel route on US Frst Service Rd 604.2, New Castle, Craig County, Virginia

"Fairly well maintained but definitely with some ruts and washouts. Didn't have any trouble finding navigable lines through the rougher stuff. Mostly rolling hills, some longer than others."

5 mi   gravel

Dagger Springs Rd.

Gravel route from State Rte 622 to Scotts Hollow Rd, Eagle Rock, Botetourt County, Virginia

"Long, fast descent (or long slow climb) through nice forested scenery. Pretty well maintained without ruts or washouts. Doable on a road bike. A few loose spots towards the sides but otherwise pretty hard packed. "

3 mi   gravel

Collierstown Rd.

Gravel route from Collierstown Rd to State Rte 770, Clifton Forge, Alleghany County, Virginia

"Long gravel climb (or descent) up to the ridgeline of North Mountain. Well maintained hard pack, not too loose or deep "

3 mi   gravel

Hayden Loop

Gravel route from State Rte 622 to State Rte 702, Eagle Rock, Botetourt County, Virginia

"Quick little scenic gravel detour. Pretty well maintained"

2 mi   gravel

Cool Springs Road

Gravel route from State Rte 692 to Cool Springs Rd, Thaxton, Bedford County, Virginia

"Nice gravel climb with some pretty steep pitches. Intersects at the top with Murray Hollow to the left for a rollingscenic ramble before the descent back down towards 460. Taken in the other direction it'd be a pretty straight forward drop towards Thaxton."

4 mi   gravel

Murray Hollow Road

Gravel route from Cool Springs Rd to Tapestry Dr, Thaxton, Bedford County, Virginia

"Fairly well-maintained gravel. Rollers at the top followed by a nice descent down towards 460. Intersects with Taylor Mountain and Cool Springs road."

4 mi   dirt

Forest Road continued

Dirt route from Fringer Trail to Mountain Valley Rd, Buchanan, Botetourt County, Virginia

"Continuation of forest road that connects Blackhorse with Chair Rock/Bobblett's Gap. Pretty decent condition until the last gate, after which there's some pretty rough primative track with a stream crossing or two for a mile or so until it intersects with Chair Rock."

1 mi   gravel

State Rte 680

Gravel route on Smyrna Hill Rd, Montvale, Bedford County, Virginia

"Short descent down to Goose Creek Valley Road. A right and then quick left at the intersection will link up with Murrell's Gap"

3 mi   gravel

Pike Road

Gravel route on Pike Rd, Montvale, Bedford County, Virginia

"Fairly well maintained gravel. Starts with a descent past the Bobblett Gap intersection followed by rolling hills. Intersects with Smyrna Hill road, which dumps out on Goose Creek Valley. Nice stretch to include with Murrell's Gap"

4 mi   gravel

Thaxton Mountain Road

Gravel route from State Rte 684 to Thaxton Mountain Rd, Thaxton, Bedford County, Virginia

"Great rolling gravel hills. There's a mildly technical descent towards the middle with some tight turns where things get a little loose. Google maps satellite view makes it look like there's a creek crossing over Goose Creek, but there is what looks like a newly built bridge there now. Combining this loop with Jeter's Chapel, Zimmerman, and Sandy Ford makes for a great 40ish mile loop. "

2 mi   gravel

State Rte 684

Gravel route from Rocky Ford Rd to Rocky Ford Rd, Bedford, Bedford County, Virginia

"Quick descent down to Goose Creek into a short climb up to Thaxton Mt. Road."

2 mi   gravel

Pilot Mountain Rd.

Gravel route from Saunders Grove Dr to Rocky Ford Rd, Moneta, Bedford County, Virginia

"Connector from Saunders Grove to Rocky Ford/Thaxton Mt."

2 mi   gravel

Simmons Mill Rd.

Gravel route from Saunders Rd to Simmons Mill Rd, Thaxton, Bedford County, Virginia

"Great rolling gravel section. Short climb followed by rollers. Well maintained--suitable for road bikes."

2 mi   dirt

Blackhorse Gap--Bedford side

Dirt route from Blue Ridge Pkwy to Blackhorse Gap Rd, Blue Ridge, Bedford County, Virginia

"Steep dirt track with some challenging obstacles and washouts. Makes for a rowdy descent on a rigid bike or a quadbuster of a climb. Suspension would definitely smooth out the road or at least 40mm+ tires. Commonly used as the fire road climb up to Dody Ridge. "

4 mi   dirt

Unnamed Forest Road

Dirt route from Fringer Trail to Bethel Rd, Fincastle, Botetourt County, Virginia

"Rolling dirt hills. Reasonably mild and well maintained. Can be connected to Fringer Trail Rd. for more gravel. "

3 mi   dirt

Bethel/Blackhorse Climb

Dirt route from Bethel Rd to Blue Ridge Pkwy, Blue Ridge, Bedford County, Virginia

"Starts as gravel and then goes to dirt track at the Jefferson Forest gate about 1 mile in. Fairly mild and definitely doable on a rigid bike."

6 mi   dirt

Pike/Chair Rock/Boblett's Gap

Dirt route from Pike Rd to Mountain Valley Rd, Buchanan, Botetourt County, Virginia

"Starts off as well maintained gravel on the Bedford side and turns to dirt track near the top. Crosses under the parkway and descends Chair Rock road to Boblett's gap road on the Botetourt side. Both sides can get rough but are perfectly suitable for rigid bikes with some decent volume tires and an eye for responsible lines. "

2 mi   gravel

Salt Pond Rd

Gravel route from Blue Ridge Dr to Salt Pond Rd, Blue Ridge, Botetourt County, Virginia

"Starts as gravel but then about halfway through there's a split in the road and you bear right onto a dirt track to climb up to the parkway. Connected to Salt Pond via Blue Ridge Dr. because where the road is shown as connecting at 460 it's very unambiguously gated off by Boxley. "

5 mi   dirt

Forest Acre Ct

Dirt route from Unnamed Road to Sawmill Branch Rd, Salem, Roanoke County, Virginia

"Very rowdy back country dirt track. It's hard to find right off of the climb up from Bradshaw, but there's a gated off area right before the spur up to the summit that barely looks like (and barely is) a road. Suspension would have been nice... but can be done on a rigid if the flesh is willing. There's private property gate right at the end when it dumps out on Sawmill Branch/Wildwood road. So legality is unclear."

0 mi   gravel

Ft. Lewis Summit

Gravel route on Unnamed Road, Salem, Roanoke County, Virginia

"Little summit spur off of the main climb with a great panoramic view of the area. The other spur off to the right goes down through some thick brush to a dead end at some sort of antenna. "

1 mi   gravel

Poor Mountain Rd

Gravel route from Poor Mountain Rd to Poor Mountain Rd, Bent Mountain, Roanoke County, Virginia

"The rest of the Poor Mt. gravel section. Pavement begins again right before the Honeysuckle road intersection. "

2 mi   gravel

Honeysuckle Rd/Cove Hollow

Gravel route from Honeysuckle Rd to Cove Hollow, Bent Mountain, Montgomery County, Virginia

"Gravel descent to the four-way from Poor Mountain summit."

1 mi   gravel

Saunders Grove Rd.

Gravel route from Nester Rd to Saunders Grove Dr, Moneta, Bedford County, Virginia