Taylor Burch on November 1, 2016
Dirt Segment
From Main St, Apple Valley to Bridge Rd, Rockville, Washington County, Utah
Connecting route between Hwy 59 and Hwy 9. Expect a gradual climb from the South and a much steeper climb if coming from the North. Can get very muddy, avoid if wet. Expect a few rocky steep sections and some ruts left over from wet weather periods.
9.25 miles
3,734 ft minimum
4,954 ft maximum
377 ft gain
1,499 ft loss

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 Scott Weaver
on November 7, 2018
There's lots of washboard between 59 and the Gooseberry turnoff. The roads out on Grafton Mesa and Wire Mesa are nice side trips. Grafton Mesa gets a bit rocky. The Wire Mesa mtb loop is a little tough on the gravel bike but do able.