DR Dirt on June 14, 2016
From State Rd 1516, Columbus to Rommey Green Rd, Tryon, Polk County, North Carolina
No description provided.
5.12 miles
856 ft minimum
1,073 ft maximum
509 ft gain
676 ft loss

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 Corey Scheip
on March 20, 2018
Confirmed - great gravel road for the CX bike!
 Jeff Taylor
on January 21, 2018
Great views, very smooth and scenic.
 Corey Scheip
on January 14, 2018
@Kenneth - not sure yet but this is on my route list for once the weather warms up a bit. Can anyone else confirm gravel or not?
 Kenneth Sanders
on December 7, 2016
Is this realy a gravel road?