Samuel Martin on December 8, 2021
Gravel Route
From N Mills River Rd to Co Rd 1345, Mills River, Henderson County, North Carolina
No description provided.
31 overlapping segments.
65.40 miles
2,106 ft minimum
3,520 ft maximum
8,018 ft gain
8,018 ft loss

100% gravel

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 Colin Leipelt
on August 13, 2023
to anyone considering this route: a couple things. one, it takes you down about 3 miles of single track on Cove Creek. Cove Creek has been eroded by rain and currently has a bunch of 6"-12" drops off of roots, pretty gnarly on a rigid drop bar bike. also a section of the trail is completely washed off the side of the mountain. the trail is just gone, there's no way to ride around it. also, if you're following directions on your GPS, be aware that the trail doubles back on itself for no reason right before you cross Rosman Highway. otherwise a pretty good ride.
 Justin Newport
on October 27, 2022
For those wondering, in response to @Kodiak Rider, this route is exactly 75% (47.6mi) gravel /25% (15.9mi) pavement
 Kodiak Rider
on February 4, 2022
What percentage of this route is gravel vs paved?