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Erwin, Tennessee

3 mi   dirt

Ephriam Place Road to Ephiram Place Road

Dirt route from State Hwy 197 to Ephiram Place Rd, Erwin, Unicoi County, Tennessee

"Can be very muddy but it's not off camber, just do not go out in the fields unless you have really good 4x4 tires or a winch. Sometimes the gates is open and you can go a really long way into the woods in a 4x4 truck. Much longer than what is on the map."

10 mi   gravel

Bumpus Cove Gravel

Gravel route from Bumpus Cove Rd to Lower Higgins Creek Rd, Erwin, Unicoi County, Tennessee

"Map not correct. Bumpus Cove gravel is a 7 mile mostly gently/rolling climb. At around 6.9 miles there is a forestry service gate up the hill to the right. Go that way for MILES AND MILES of offroad fun/options (best on a mtb). The other forestry service gates on Bumpus Cove, to my knowledge, dead end. At the 7.1 mile mark there is a path through the woods on the left. Go that way to Erwin. First part of path is around 1.6ish miles. At the fork, go right. VERY STEEP (and at times rough) downhill that drops you out on Sandy Bottom Rd in Erwin. If you go this way on a gravel bike, be careful. Do not attempt to do Sandy Bottom to Bumpus in reverse or you'll walk almost half of it. It is extremely steep."

0 mi   gravel

US-19W N

Gravel route on Spivey Mountain Rd, Erwin, Unicoi County, Tennessee

"Granny Lewis creek. Doesn’t show up on the map but it’s a gravel and dirt road that dead ends several miles back in the mountain. Not much left to see after the camp site at the creek crossing. Fun on a dual sport motorcycle. "