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16 mi   gravel

Avon Loop

Gravel route on S Canyon Rd, Eden, Cache County, Utah

36 mi   gravel

Miner 36

Gravel route from Coal Mine Canyon Rd to Rynden Rd, Elko, Elko County, Nevada

16 mi   gravel

Miner 16.3

Gravel route on 13th St, Elko, Elko County, Nevada

13 mi   gravel

Miner 13.5

Gravel route on Hamilton Stage Rd, Spring Creek, Elko County, Nevada

23 mi   gravel

Miner 23

Gravel route on NV-278, Carlin, Eureka County, Nevada

33 mi   gravel

Miner 32.5

Gravel route on NV-278, Carlin, Eureka County, Nevada

16 mi   gravel

Miners 15.5

Gravel route on Columbia River Blvd, Elko, Elko County, Nevada

24 mi   gravel

Miners 24

Gravel route on NV-225, Elko, Elko County, Nevada

50 mi   gravel

Miners 50

Gravel route on Quality Way, Elko, Elko County, Nevada

39 mi   gravel

Utaho 39.5

Gravel route from E Woodruff Ln to S 300 W, Malad City, Oneida County, Idaho

"Mostly gravel with a couple asphalt sections before and after Samaria. Fun ride! I passed one vehicle on the Pocatello Valley Road, and one in Samaria. "

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