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1 mi   gravel

Gulf Rd

Gravel route from Gulf Rd to Rag Mountain Rd, Hartford, Cocke County, Tennessee

1 mi   gravel

Cold Springs Creek Rd

Gravel route from Cold Springs Creek Rd to Cold Springs Creek Rd, Clyde, Haywood County, North Carolina

16 mi   dirt

Max Patch & Martha Sundquist area

Dirt route from State Rte 1182 to Cold Springs Creek Rd, Del Rio, Cocke County, Tennessee

10 mi   dirt

Max Patch to Martha Sunquist

Dirt route from Gulf Rd to State Rte 1182, Hot Springs, Madison County, North Carolina

3 mi   gravel

Meadow Creek Fire Tower

Gravel route from TN-107 to Meadow Creek Rd, Del Rio, Cocke County, Tennessee

"Good road, watch for traffic in the summer. Just before the fire tower, there is another road cuts downhill to the right and drops down into the valley (not marked on this route yet). Fire tower is literally on the last ridge of the Blue Ridge mountains overlooking TN. Pretty cool site with mountains on one side, valley on the other."

8 mi   gravel


Gravel route from Wolf Creek Rd to Round Mountain Rd, Del Rio, Cocke County, Tennessee

"From Max Patch road head to Rattlesnake Gap. Road is light gravel. Go right at the gap, road dead ends but runs past Wasp, and old abandoned mountain community (no structures remain). Look for a gate on the right with a yellow Forest Service no vehicles sign. If you park there, you can walk back into the fields of the old community."

9 mi   dirt

Rattlesnake Gap

Dirt route from Round Mountain Rd to Wolf Creek Rd, Del Rio, Cocke County, Tennessee

"Route turns off Max Patch road and is light gravel up to Rattlesnake Gap. At the gap, there is a gate to the right, open seasonally. That portion is a mix of gravel, dirt, and grass. Dead ends at nice camping spot."