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77 mi   gravel

Afan 'n' Back

Gravel route on Heol-Y-Deri, Cardiff, Wales

"Gravel loop starting and finishing in Rhiwbina, Cardiff via Afan valley. Lots of wide open gravel tracks, circa 2,000m of elevation. 42% unpaved according to RWGPS"

31 mi   gravel

Cadair Berwyn Loop

Gravel route on B4401, Llandrillo, Denbighshire, Wales


27 mi   gravel

Wayfarer MTB Route

Gravel route on , Denbighshire, Wales


43 mi   gravel

Brecon Beacons bikepacking route

Gravel route from King St to Ellick St, Blaenavon, Torfaen Principal Area, Wales

"No. 9 on this list:"

42 mi   gravel

The Preseli Mountains bikepacking route

Gravel route on , Pembrokeshire, Wales

"25% unpaved"

267 mi   gravel

The Lighthouse Route

Gravel route on Greyhope Rd, Grigadale, Highland Council, Scotland

"Total Terrain: "This gorgeous coast to coast route starts and ends at a lighthouse, taking you from Aberdeen on the East coast to the most westerly point on the mainland, Ardnamurchan Point.""

79 mi   gravel

7Stanes Newcastleton and Sandstone Way Link

Gravel route from Holmwood Dr to Earl Grey Cottages, Cumbria, England

"Total Terrain: This is another small link route connecting Newcastleton bike park to the 7 Stanes network and to the Land's End John O'Groats route."

218 mi   gravel

7 Stanes Southern Upland Way Link

Gravel route on Victoria Rd, East Lothian Council, Scotland

"Total Terrain: This is one of the routes linking the 7 Stanes to eachother and to the wider network using large parts of the Southern Upland Way (SUW)."

98 mi   gravel

7 Stanes West

Gravel route on Birkie Knowe, Ae Village, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland

"Total Terrain: This is one of the routes linking the 7 Stanes to eachother and to the wider network. It connects Glentrool , Kirroughtree,Dalbeattie, Mabie and Ae by a southerly route using mainly fire roads and quiet country roads. Even so a good level of fitness is required."

103 mi   gravel

Solstice 100 2015 (MTB Epics UK)

Gravel route on Cotton End, Northamptonshire, England

"37% unpaved"

57 mi   gravel

Solstice 50 2016 (MTB Epics UK)

Gravel route on Cotton End, Northamptonshire, England

"37% unpaved"

101 mi   gravel

Solstice 100 2016 (MTB Epics UK)

Gravel route on , Northamptonshire, England

"39% Unpaved"

63 mi   gravel

September Solstice 2021 (MTB Epics UK)

Gravel route from Cotton End to Henry Bird Way, Northamptonshire, England

"54% unpaved"

53 mi   gravel

The Solstice Quarantine Ride

Gravel route on London Rd, Northamptonshire, England

"40% unpaved"

52 mi   gravel

Solstice 50 2019 (MTB Epics UK)

Gravel route on Cotton End, Northamptonshire, England

"35% unpaved"

102 mi   gravel

Solstice 100 2019 (MTB Epics UK)

Gravel route on Cotton End, Northamptonshire, England

"47% unpaved"

58 mi   gravel

Solstice 50 2017 (MTB Epics UK)

Gravel route on Cotton End, Northamptonshire, England


112 mi   gravel

Solstice 100 2017 (MTB Epics UK)

Gravel route on Cotton End, Northamptonshire, England


56 mi   gravel

Solstice 50 2018 (MTB Epics UK)

Gravel route on Cotton End, Northamptonshire, England


101 mi   gravel

Solstice 100 2018 (MTB Epics UK)

Gravel route on Cotton End, Northamptonshire, England


208 mi   gravel

The Northern Way

Gravel route from Scalebarrow to B1340, Northumberland, England

"MTB Epics UK: "A coast to coast route across the most northerly and remotest part of England.""

420 mi   gravel

MTB Epics UK: Edinburgh to JOG (LEJOG off-road)

Gravel route on , John o' Groats, Highland Council, Scotland

"Part 4/4"

300 mi   gravel

MTB Epics UK: Liverpool to Edinburgh (LEJOG off-road)

Gravel route from , Merseyside to , Merseyside, Scotland

"Part 3/4 of MTB Epics UK's LEJOG"

259 mi   gravel

MTB Epics UK: Bristol to Liverpool (LEJOG off-road)

Gravel route on Gloucester Row, Merseyside, England

"Part two of MTB Epics UK's off-road LEJOG. "The ultimate UK mountain bike adventure! This is a 1,250 mile (2,000km) route with over 111,000ft (34,000m) of elevation gain, riding through England, Wales and Scotland.""

271 mi   gravel

MTB Epics UK: Land's End to Bristol (LEJOG off-road)

Gravel route on Gloucester Row, Bristol City, England

"The ultimate UK mountain bike adventure! This is a 1,250 mile (2,000km) route with over 111,000ft (34,000m) of elevation gain, riding through England, Wales and Scotland."

82 mi   gravel

The Northamptonshire Way

Gravel route from Church Ln to London Rd, Wansford, Cambridgeshire, England

"MTB Epics UK: "An End to End of the County by mountain bike A 82 mile route with over 4,000 feet of elevation gain that starts at the south western end of the county bordering Oxfordshire and heads north-east to traverse the whole length of this elongated county to finish just over the border in Cambridgeshire. Some of the highlights to be found are the large expanse of Pitsford Water, Geddington Chase and the historical Rockingham Forest area.""

186 mi   gravel

The Smoke Ring

Gravel route on Rushey Pln, Waltham Abbey, Essex, England

"MTB Epics UK: " An Orbital Route Around London. An anti-clockwise, orbital route around London by mountain bike. A journey of 200 miles with 10,000 feet of elevation gain that will take you through Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Surrey, Kent and Essex. This route is easily accessible thanks to good rail links throughout, which means you can easily tackle a section of ‘The Smoke Ring’ as a day ride.""

217 mi   gravel

Fort William Coast to Coast

Gravel route on Traill Dr, Sandaig, Angus Council, Scotland

"Total Terrain: "There are many beautiful coast-to-coast routes in Scotland, and we have a couple in our collection. The UK4 route was mapped out by Paul Rogers and starts near Glenelg on the coast of Kyle Rhea, and makes it way to Fort William and the Great Glen. At Fort Augustus it turns east to travel over the Cairngorms and ends at Montrose on the east coast. The ride as a whole is a great experience in true cross country riding. It runs up and down glens, crosses the Scottish watershed , and takes you through many different sceneries and some very remote places. Be prepared! The route is mostly off-road and on “land-rover” type tracks which can be ridden by those with technical skills suitable to blue grades at trail centres (though obviously with a lot more endurance required). However these are interspersed with some very technical “black” type sections: Day 1, the climb out of Corran and the descent into Kinloch Hourn is really difficult and requires a high degree of technical skill (“black grade”). A quote from Paul: “The descent is one of the steepest bits of track I have ever ridden and stayed upright”. Day 2, the Correyairack pass out of Fort Augustus runs to about 700m and although a reasonable surface, can be very difficult in bad weather. The alternative around the mountain is a very long ride on tarmac, close on 70 miles. The descent off the pass requires good technical skill as there are perhaps 30 - 50 drainage gullies to cross. Set your tyre pressures hard and take it steady. Red grade. Day 5, the climb of Mt Keen is tough and you should be prepared to push some or all of it. The route doesn't actually go over the summit, but on the shoulder just below it. The main descent is made up of quite large gravel/rocks and for the experienced mountain biker, is a lot of fun. Red/black . There is no formal site for this route, so you can download a zip file containing GPX for the full route here. Again, there is no definitive C2C, so for another version visit Mountain Bikes Routes UK who have a book for sale by Tim Woodcock. This has optional route diversions that will fit a variety of abilities.""

112 mi   gravel

NDW SDW Link Loop

Gravel route from Velmead Rd to Aldershot Rd, Hampshire, England

"Total Terrain: "This link route takes you on a picturesque journey by some of canals and rivers of Sussex, and enables you to ride both the North and South Downs ways to make a more interesting journey. In fact this link route is a loop, so you have a choice of an east or a west link route. It uses parts of the Shipwrights way, the Basingstoke canal and the River Wey to make a mixed route that should be accessible to most abilities; but beware of a couple of steep (red ascents) that some may need to push. See Route notes for more. Our thanks to Ted Gomm who mapped the route, wrote the route notes and provided the pictures to give you a flavour of what you'll see along the way.""

99 mi   gravel

South Downs Way

Gravel route on The Broadway, East Sussex, England

"Total Terrain: "The South Downs Ridge line has been walked for thousands of years, and can still be enjoyed today as a walking and cycling path. Almost the whole route is bridleway and off-road. It will take you through rolling countryside, from Eastbourne to Winchester with plenty of support and facilities along the way. The route is described and documented in various sites. The main site is the National Trails which is in the link below, but you can also find information at and at Bikedowns.""

154 mi   gravel

LeJog Sarn Helen Link Route North

Gravel route from Parke Rd to Parke Rd, Tideswell, Derbyshire, Wales

"Total Terrain: "This link route connects Sarn Helen to Lands End - John O'Groats, crossing the Welsh C2C on the way. It follows a scenic but sometimes technical route through Wales, and then uses the canal system to reach the Pennines largely off road. Many thanks to John Hanahoe who mapped out the route through Wales.""

156 mi   gravel

North Downs Way

Gravel route from Roman Rd to Moor Park Ln, Surrey, England

"Total Terrain: "The North Downs way is a beautiful route stretching from Dover to Farnham. The riding is rarely technical (though there are some!) and there are portions on tarmac. The route goes northwest from Dover, through Canterbury and then turns south to cross the Kent Downs toward the High Weald, both Areas of Natural Beauty. You’ll then travel north to the Surrey Hills, and on towards Dorking, Guildford and Surrey. There is no formal site for this route, so you can download GPX for the full route here. There are Route variants available. For one see Peter Edwards book here which also includes a link to the South Downs.""

245 mi   dirt

The Three Coasts of Wales

Dirt route from Lower Gate St to Trawler Rd, Swansea, Wales

""This route travels from the north of Wales to the south via Cardigan Bay. It has been developed by Paul Rogers, and incorporates some of the classic Sarn Helen route, but with adaptations for accommodation needs and avoiding footpaths. The route starts in Conwy, and progresses down to Swansea via Aberystwyth largely off-road. It travels through both Snowdonia and the Brecon Beacons so a good degree of fitness and ability is required: the route is not all “land-rover” track, and there are many technical sections. The most technical section is Brecon to Swansea, virtually all off road, most on marked sections of Sarn Helen, and quite knarly in places. Much of this can be bypassed though using the road from Ystradfellte to Glyn Neath and then the canal to Neath and onto Swansea. ..... There are other versions of Welsh north/south routes, and to see an alternative visit Mountain Bikes Routes UK who have a book for sale by Tim Woodcock. This route is more off-road and has some very technical sections." - Total Terrain ("

21 mi   gravel

Lydbrook, Goodrich, Symonds Yat East

Gravel route from Whitecroft Rd to New Rd, Parkend, Gloucestershire, England

"Ride through the beautiful Wye Valley and Symonds Yat with a classic loop that’ll see you cover nearly 35km and takes around 3hrs."

11 mi   gravel

Gravel loop Parkend to Mallards Pike and Speech house

Gravel route from Whitecroft Rd to New Rd, Parkend, Gloucestershire, England

"A great ride for most abilities, taking in some lovely scenery and the ponds at Mallards Pike. A 17km loop that takes around 1.5hrs."

37 mi   gravel

The Rebellion Way - shortcut option

Gravel route from Norwich Rd to London St, Stoke Holy Cross, Norfolk, England


231 mi   gravel

The Rebellion Way

Gravel route on Thorpe Rd, Norfolk, England

"The Rebellion Way is a 232-mile / 373km cycling adventure around Norfolk. Meandering along a mix of quiet, mostly flat back roads, byways, cycle paths and bridleways under huge panoramic skies, it’s a fantastic introduction to multi-day, on- and off-road adventuring for anyone."

215 mi   gravel

Coast to coast off-road

Gravel route from Beach Rd to Cleveland Wy, Robin Hood's Bay, North Yorkshire, England

"~50% unpaved"

310 mi   dirt

LEJOG Off-road - part 2 of 4

Dirt route on Englishtown Cottages, Longtown, Cumbria, England

"James Spencer and David Broddle's 2003 end to end MTB route"

131 mi   dirt

LEJOG Off-road - part 4 of 4

Dirt route on , John o' Groats, Highland Council, Scotland

"James Spencer and David Broddle's 2003 end to end MTB route"

180 mi   gravel

North Wales Coast to Coast

Gravel route on Victoria Terrace, Ceredigion, Wales

"44% unpaved according to Komoot"

138 mi   gravel

Deeside Trail

Gravel route on B974, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

"85% unpaved"

180 mi   gravel

The Cairngorms Loop

Gravel route on Grampian Rd, Highland Council, Scotland

"85% unpaved:"

155 mi   gravel

The Capital Trail

Gravel route on King's Pl, Edinburgh, Scotland

"80% unpaved:"

101 mi   gravel

South Lakes 100

Gravel route on Main St, Staveley, Cumbria, England

"59% unpaved according to Komoot"

283 mi   gravel

Tiso Overland 500 - Part 1

Gravel route on John St, Stirling, Scotland

"47% unpaved according to Komoot"

22 mi   gravel

Brecon and Monmouthshire canal towpath

Gravel route from Conway St to Conway St, Powys, Wales

28 mi   gravel

Trent & Mersey Canal gravel

Gravel route on Danebower Rd, Stoke-on-Trent, England

"97% unpaved"

33 mi   gravel

Coventry canal towpath gravel

Gravel route on Hollybush Ln, West Midlands, England

"92% unpaved"

77 mi   gravel

Oxford Canal Towpath complete

Gravel route from Sutton Stop to Upper Fisher Row, Oxfordshire, England

"90% unpaved"

384 mi   gravel

2022 Blaenau 600

Gravel route on Tower St, Shropshire, England

"55% unpaved"

47 mi   gravel

2021 Mortimer Round

Gravel route on Killhorse Ln, Herefordshire, England

"40% unpaved"

55 mi   gravel

2021 Mortimer Round XL

Gravel route on , England

"40% unpaved"

42 mi   gravel

2021 Rough Ride

Gravel route from Ridgebourne Rd to Ridgebourne Rd, Herefordshire

"72% unpaved"

62 mi   gravel

2021 Mytton 100

Gravel route on Dinham, Shropshire, England

"40% unpaved "

70 mi   gravel

Crossing the Dragon's Back

Gravel route from Church St to Marine Terrace, Ceredigion, Wales

" Approx 50% off-road"

323 mi   gravel

Dorset Divide

Gravel route from Old Coastguard Cottages to Portland Bill Rd, Dorset, England

"A 330 mile route around Dorset taking in its best views, trails and country roads. 36-38% unpaved according to komoot"

0 mi   gravel

Steep rocky track

Gravel route on Station Rd E, Wenvoe, Vale of Glamorgan, Wales

"Some chunky rocks. Hardtail or rigid MTB ideal for this."

1 mi   gravel

Rocky track over the hill

Gravel route from Cwrt-Yr-Ala Rd to Station Rd E, Wenvoe, Vale of Glamorgan, Wales

"Through woods/ farm land. Good for a hardtail or rigid MTB"

1 mi   gravel

Gravel track past Llamas

Gravel route on Cwrt-Yr-Ala Rd, Vale of Glamorgan, Wales

"And horses. Watch out for flooding and divets"

22 mi   gravel

RMB cafe Saturday gravel ride 09/04/22

Gravel route from Gorsedd Gardens Rd to Park Pl, Cardiff, Wales

"Mix of grassy, muddy and rocky tracks. Suitable for gravel bike, hardtail or rigid MTB. ~35% unpaved"

30 mi   gravel

RMB Cafe Saturday gravel ride 23/04/22

Gravel route on Park Pl, Cardiff, Wales

"Mix of dirt, gravel and rocky trails along the ridgeway north of Cardiff. Suitable for gravel bike, more fun on a hardtail or rigid MTB in my opinion. "

124 mi   gravel

Dirty Reiver 200km - 2022

Gravel route on Castle Dr, Kielder, Northumberland, England

"91% unpaved"

131 mi   gravel

The John Muir Way Bikepacking Route

Gravel route from W Clyde St to High St, East Lothian Council, Scotland

"Approximately 50% unpaved."

130 mi   dirt

Stage 1: Arctic Ocean to Väylä — European Divide Trail

Dirt route from Fv8860 to Sevettijärventie, Inari, Sør-Varanger

"European Divide Trail is a 7,600 km dirt road touring route. Approximately 65% is unpaved. "

357 mi   gravel

The Faultline Trail part 1

Gravel route on B845, Argyll and Bute Council, Scotland

" 45-52% unpaved Route report by Katherine Moore"

113 mi   gravel

East Devon Trail

Gravel route on Bonhay Rd, Devon, England

"27-30% unpaved"

149 mi   gravel

Calder Divide Trail

Gravel route on William St, West Yorkshire, England

"80% unpaved, 80% of which is gravel"

83 mi   gravel

Dartmoor bikepacking loop

Gravel route on Station Rd, Devon, England

"Approx 50-60% unpaved. Komoot collection by Katherine Moore"

18 mi   dirt

Tame Valley Loop

Dirt route on , Greater Manchester, England

"Shorter, less technical versions available here: 46-53% unpaved according to Komoot:"

51 mi   gravel

Unsurfaced Swaffham

Gravel route on Market Ln, Norfolk, England


197 mi   dirt

Cotswolds 200 - MTB Epics

Dirt route on Royal Cres, Bath and North East Somerset, England

"38-42% unpaved. Graded red on"

94 mi   dirt

Dorset Dirt Dash 100

Dirt route on High St, Dorset, England

"50% unpaved according to Komoot"

198 mi   dirt

Dorset 330 bikepacking route

Dirt route from Kings Rd W to Court Rd, Dorset, England

"36% unpaved according to Komoot More info here:"

29 mi   dirt

Long Mynd Long

Dirt route from Queens Ct to Lion Mdw, Shropshire, England


15 mi   dirt

Cadair Idris

Dirt route on Llanegryn St, Abergynolwyn, Gwynedd, Wales


11 mi   dirt

Snowdon via Llanberis Pass and Ranger path

Dirt route from Maes Padarn to High St, Llanberis, Gwynedd, Wales

"Grade: Black"

24 mi   dirt

The Gap - MBWales

Dirt route on Orchard St, Powys, Wales

"Grade: Red"

19 mi   dirt

Black Cottage

Dirt route on West St, Powys, Wales

"Grade: Black"

1 mi   gravel

Ely Trail gravel

Gravel route from Landwade Cl to Castle Hill, Cardiff, Wales

1 mi   gravel

Ely Trail gravel

Gravel route from A4232 to B4267, Cardiff, Wales

124 mi   dirt

Quantock and Exmoor long weekender

Dirt route on Station Rd, Station Approach, Somerset, England

"50% unpaved"

31 mi   dirt

The Gap Loop

Dirt route on Buckland Hill, Bwlch, Powys, Wales

"65% unpaved"

51 mi   gravel

The Peddars Way

Gravel route on , Norfolk, England

"42% unpaved"

148 mi   gravel

The Icknield Way

Gravel route on Station Rd, Oxfordshire, England

"58% unpaved"

134 mi   dirt

The Wessex Ridgeway

Dirt route on The Parade, Wiltshire, England

"63% unpaved"

216 mi   dirt

Southern Uplands Way

Dirt route from North Cres to Hay Terrace, Portpatrick, Scottish Borders, Scotland

"At least 42% unpaved"

185 mi   dirt

Lakeland 300

Dirt route from Vicarage Ln to Rose Ln, Cumbria, England

"50% unpaved"

188 mi   dirt

Yorkshire Dales

Dirt route on , North Yorkshire, England

"53% unpaved"

121 mi   gravel

The Sandstone Way

Gravel route from Quay Walls to Tyne Grn, Northumberland, England

"45% unpaved"

60 mi   gravel

Cardiff to Cwmbran gravel heaven

Gravel route on Gileston Rd, Cardiff, Wales

"38% unpaved"

147 mi   dirt

Braunton 150

Dirt route on Caen Fld, Devon, England

"51% unpaved"

187 mi   dirt

Southern Discomfort SD300

Dirt route on , West Sussex, England

"75% unpaved Full route by Jim Barrow: "

109 mi   dirt

The Triban Trail

Dirt route on , Denbighshire, Wales

"54% unpaved Komoot collection by Katherine Moore"

118 mi   dirt

The Westcountry Way

Dirt route on , Somerset, England

"Komoot collection by Katherine Moore. 39% unpaved."

68 mi   gravel

Bristol Green Belt 360

Gravel route from Russell Town Ave to Church Rd, Bristol City, England

"Katherine Moore: "The full 360 degree circumnavigation of the city of Bristol, this Green Belt route takes in a challenging combination of roads, byways, bridleways and tracks that makes for a full-on day in the saddle.""

49 mi   dirt

Gower Bikepacking Loop

Dirt route on Mumbles Rd, Sketty, Swansea, Wales

"70% unpaved"

143 mi   dirt

Bear Bones Bash

Dirt route on , Powys, Wales

"60% unpaved"

186 mi   dirt

Sarn Helen

Dirt route on Llanrwst Rd, Swansea, Wales

"Katherine Moore: "Although the precise route of Sarn Helen, an ancient road spanning the length of Wales, is still highly debated, this is the most popular and accepted route if you want to follow the road by bike.""

192 mi   gravel


Gravel route from Beach Rd to Sophia Cl, Cardiff, Wales

"Approx 30% unpaved. North to South Wales route by The Racing Collective"

78 mi   dirt

Bikepacking the Isle of White

Dirt route on

"~50% unpaved bikepacking loop around the Isle of White created by Tim Wiggins and reviewed by Katherine Moore here:"

248 mi   dirt

The Wessex Way

Dirt route on Terminus Rd, East Sussex, England

"A classic coast-to-coast mountain bike touring route by MBRUK "

245 mi   dirt

The Highland Trail 550 Part 1

Dirt route on W Highland Way, Polla, Highland Council, Scotland

"Part 1 of the long-distance mountain biking loop created by Alan Goldsmith"

211 mi   gravel

The Badger Divide

Gravel route from Union St to Argyle St, Glasgow City, Scotland

"Bikepacking route by Stu Allan"

306 mi   gravel

GB Divide Part 4

Gravel route from , Rannoch School to , John o' Groats, Highland Council, Scotland

"Part 4 of the end-to-end enduro route by The Racing Collective."

311 mi   gravel

GB Divide Part 3

Gravel route from , Rannoch School to , Rannoch School, Perth and Kinross, Scotland

"Part 2 of the end-to-end enduro route by The Racing Collective."

68 mi   dirt

Brecons Bash

Dirt route on White's Cl, Monmouthshire, Wales

"Bikepacking route By Cass Gilbert"

170 mi   dirt

Welsh Marches Way

Dirt route from Queensway to Castle Gates, Shropshire, England

429 mi   dirt

Further East bikepacking route

Dirt route on B1052, Cambridgeshire, England

"Route by Josh Ibbert. Guide by Andy Cox aka. doubletrackfanatic"

198 mi   dirt

North Yorkshire Moors Ramble

Dirt route on Wellington Rd, North Yorkshire, England


7 mi   gravel

Llanwonno forest short route

Gravel route on , Wales


11 mi   gravel

Llanwonno forest long loop

Gravel route on , Wales


147 mi   gravel

West Kernow Way

Gravel route on W End, Cornwall, England

"230 km gravel loop in cornwall"

137 mi   dirt

The Peak 200

Dirt route on Ringinglow Rd, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England

"The Peak 200 is a 140 mile (225 km) mountain bike ITT( individual time trial) in the rugged Peak District National Park of central England. Katherine Moore "

358 mi   dirt

The Old Chalk Way

Dirt route on , Norfolk, England

"The Old Chalk Way is a 575 kilometre (375 mile) bikepacking route from south coast to North Sea along the chalk vein of Britain’s oldest road. By Ben Wormald"

192 mi   dirt

The Dreaming Spires 300 km

Dirt route on Gloucester Grn, Oxfordshire, England

"Offroad loop around Oxfordshire designed by Andy Cox aka. doubletrackfanatic. Komoot collection:"

128 mi   dirt

Lakeland 200 route

Dirt route on Barley Bridge, Staveley, Cumbria, England