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2 mi   gravel

CoRd 50, 53

Gravel route from Fr 335 to Fr 335, Jasper, Jasper County, Texas

"this a cut thru from Letney to Ebenezer. There are several trails on the north side you can park and walk to the beaches. Currently no vehicle traffic allowed on the trails in Angelina forest."

4 mi   gravel

County Road 348A

Gravel route from County Rd 348A to County Rd 348A, Homer, Jasper County, Texas

"gravel road that goes by County Rd 34, Sexton Lake(Green Hole) and gated entry to Aldridge sawmill before dead ending"

2 mi   gravel

Gravel Forest road

Gravel route from County Rd 352 to County Rd 352, Westwood, Jasper County, Texas

"gravel/sand road. Culvert is out at creek crossing at the end."

3 mi   gravel

to County Road 352A

Gravel route from County Rd 352A to County Rd 352A, Jasper, Jasper County, Texas