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6 mi   gravel

Moa Creek

Gravel route from Webster Ln to Moa Creek Rd, Moa Creek, Otago

10 mi   gravel

Crawford Hills Road east

Gravel route on Crawford Hills Rd, Moa Creek, Otago

28 mi   gravel

Lauder-Becks loop

Gravel route on Lauder-Omakau Rd, Lauder, Otago

"Short tar seal sections but mainly gravel."

11 mi   gravel

Manorburn Dam

Gravel route on Upper Manorburn Rd, Manorburn, Otago

15 mi   gravel

Dansey's Pass

Gravel route from Ridge Rd to Danseys Pass Rd, Naseby, Canterbury

"From Naseby."

3 mi   gravel

Dovedale Saddle east side

Gravel route on Pigeon Valley Rd, Dovedale, Tasman

16 mi   gravel

Woodstock to Tapawera-Baton Road

Gravel route from Baton Valley Rd to Tapawera-Baton Rd, Tapawera, Tasman

"Great Taste Trail section."

5 mi   gravel

Kohatu to Tapawera

Gravel route from Motueka Valley Hwy to Matai Cres, Tapawera, Tasman

"Great Taste Trail."

8 mi   gravel

Tapawera to Baton Bridge

Gravel route on Tapawera-Baton Rd, Tapawera, Tasman

5 mi   gravel

Waiwhero Forrest.

Gravel route from Central Rd S to Central Rd S, Upper Moutere, Tasman

4 mi   gravel

Aniseed Valley

Gravel route from Aniseed Valley Rd to Aniseed Valley Rd, Aniseed Valley

6 mi   gravel

Sunday Creek.

Gravel route from Sunday Creek Rd to Dovedale Rd, Thorpe, Tasman

12 mi   gravel
7 mi   gravel

Crawford Hills Road

Gravel route from Tiger Hill Rd to Crawford Hills Rd, Galloway, Otago

8 mi   gravel
26 mi   gravel

Mt Nicholas to Mavora Lakes

Gravel route from Mavora Lakes Rd to Mavora Lakes Rd, Mavora, Southland

"Along the Round the Mountains bicycle route."

15 mi   gravel

Moutere Disputed Spur Road

Gravel route from Donnelly Rd to Moutere Disputed Spur Rd, Omakau, Otago

38 mi   gravel

Wedderburn to Waipiata via Patearoa

Gravel route from Wedderburn-Becks Rd to Wedderburn-Becks Rd, Waipiata, Otago

21 mi   gravel

Ida Valley Back Road

Gravel route from Ida Valley-Omakau Rd to Ida Valley-Omakau Rd, Moa Creek, Otago

15 mi   gravel

Carrick to Clyde

Gravel route from Hawksburn Rd to Earnscleugh Rd, Earnscleugh, Otago

2 mi   gravel

Dovedale Pass west.

Gravel route from Stanley Brook Rd to Dovedale Rd, Tasman

7 mi   gravel

Supplejack Valley Road to Dovedale Pass.

Gravel route from Supplejack Valley Rd to Stanley Brook Rd, Upper Moutere, Tasman

"Forest road, permit required."

5 mi   gravel

Foxhill to Spooners Tunnel

Gravel route from Quail Valley Rd to State Hwy 6, Belgrove, Tasman

"Great Taste Trail segment."

11 mi   gravel

Wairoa Gorge

Gravel route from Pig Valley Rd to Lee Valley Rd, Tasman

"Gravel road"

8 mi   gravel

Rosedale/Jacob's Ladder

Gravel route from Rose Rd to Thorpe-Orinoco Rd, Upper Moutere, Tasman

"Gravel road."

14 mi   gravel

Sharlands Road/Central Road loop.

Gravel route on Sharlands Rd, Nelson, Nelson

"Excellent forrest road."

9 mi   gravel

Wakefield to Eighty Eight Valley Road

Gravel route from Pigeon Valley Rd to Eighty Eight Valley Rd, Eighty Eight Valley, Tasman

6 mi   gravel

Richmond to Rabbit Island

Gravel route from Canaan Rd to Cotterell Rd, Richmond, Tasman

"Great Taste Trail, mostly gravel."

8 mi   gravel

Rabbit Island.

Gravel route on Ken Beck Dr, Rabbit Island, Tasman

16 mi   gravel

Mapua to Motueka

Gravel route from Tahi St to High St, Motueka, Tasman

"Great Taste Trail, mostly gravel."

20 mi   gravel

Lake Dunstan Trail

Gravel route from Fruitgrowers Rd to Cairnmuir Rd, Clyde, Otago

"Steep drop offs. Care required."

4 mi   gravel

Little Valley

Gravel route from Lookout Dr to Little Valley Rd, Little Valley, Otago

"Tar seal to start."

4 mi   gravel

Maitai Valley

Gravel route on Maitai Valley Rd, Nelson, Nelson

"Gravel road."

18 mi   gravel

Wilderness trail, Hokitika to Ross.

Gravel route from Arthurstown Rd to Ross Beach Rd, Ross, West Coast

44 mi   gravel

Wilderness trail, Kumara to Hokitika.

Gravel route from Seddon St to Hamilton St, Hokitika, West Coast

13 mi   gravel

Wilderness trail, Kumara north

Gravel route from Seddon St to Jacks Rd, Greymouth, West Coast

15 mi   gravel

Lake Benmore trail.

Gravel route from State Hwy 83 to Rata Dr, Otematata, Canterbury

"Section of the Alps2Ocean trail."

7 mi   gravel

Alexandra River Track

Gravel route from Old Bridge Rd to Blyth St, Clyde, Otago

5 mi   gravel

Countryside Trail

Gravel route from McEntyres Ln to Spence Rd, Arrowtown, Otago

11 mi   gravel

Twin Rivers, Arrow Bridges.

Gravel route from Spence Rd to Ford St, Arrowtown, Otago

30 mi   gravel

Lawrence to Millers Flat

Gravel route from Ross Pl to Teviot Rd, Millers Flat, Otago

9 mi   gravel

Around Hawea.

Gravel route on Domain Rd, Lake Hawea, Otago

9 mi   gravel

Around Hawea.

Gravel route on Domain Rd, Lake Hawea, Otago

10 mi   gravel

Lake Ohau shoreline.

Gravel route on Glen Lyon Rd, Canterbury

12 mi   gravel

Doctor's Point to Clyde

Gravel route from Lake Roxburgh Walkway to Springvale Rd, Clyde, Otago

"Gorge Trail and Rail Trail."

24 mi   gravel

Millers Flat to Shingle Creek

Gravel route from Teviot Rd to Teviot Rd, Shingle Creek, Otago

"Clutha Gold and Gorge Trails"

28 mi   gravel

Lawrence to Millers Flat

Gravel route from Ross Pl to Craig Flat Rd, Millers Flat, Otago

"Clutha Gold Trail."

46 mi   gravel

Wedderburn to Middlemarch

Gravel route from Wedderburn-Becks Rd to Tawe St, Middlemarch, Otago

"Rail Trail route."

25 mi   gravel

Omakau to Wedderburn

Gravel route from Harvey St to Wedderburn-Becks Rd, Wedderburn, Otago

"Rail Trail route."

23 mi   gravel

Gravel trails around Lake Dunstan

Gravel route from Matthews Cres to Lowburn Valley Rd, Lowburn, Otago

3 mi   gravel

Out back of Bannockburn.

Gravel route from Bannockburn Rd to Hawksburn Rd, Otago

4 mi   gravel

Thomson Gorge

Gravel route from Ardgour Rd to Thomson Gorge Rd, Tarras, Otago

"Can continue on for many miles more. Remote."

5 mi   gravel

Queenstown Trail, Lake Hayes.

Gravel route from Rutherford Rd to Queenstown Trail, Lake Hayes, Otago

8 mi   gravel

Lake Dunstan Trail.

Gravel route from Alpha St to Pegasus Ct, Mount Pisa, Otago

3 mi   singletrack

Jacks Point Track.

Singletrack route from Poplar Dr to Preserve Rd, Kawarau Falls, Otago

9 mi   gravel

Arrowtown to Gibbston.

Gravel route from Arrow Jct Rd to State Highway 6, Gibbston, Otago

24 mi   gravel

Otago Central Rail Trail, Clyde to Ophir.

Gravel route from Elizabeth Pl to Swindon St, Ophir, Otago

7 mi   singletrack

Dun Mtn. Trail.

Singletrack route from Dun Coppermine Track to Dun Coppermine Track, Maitai, Nelson

2 mi   singletrack

Riwaka to Kaiteriteri.

Singletrack route from Riwaka-Kaiteriteri Rd to Martin Farm Rd, Kaiteriteri

24 mi   gravel

Wanaka to Luggate along the Clutha River.

Gravel route from Waimana Pl to Morris Rd, Wanaka, Otago

"Single track, some double track, MTB best."

4 mi   dirt

Old Cazadero Road

Dirt route on Old Cazadero Rd, Cazadero, Sonoma County, California

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6 mi   singletrack

Wanaka to Albert Town

Singletrack route from Aubrey Rd to Wicklow Terrace, Albert Town, Otago

9 mi   singletrack

Hawea to Wanaka

Singletrack route from Domain Rd to State Highway 84, Wanaka, Otago

34 mi   gravel

Alps to Ocean Trail. Tekapo to Twizel

Gravel route from Andrew Don Dr to Tekapo-Twizel Rd, Ben Ohau, Canterbury

32 mi   singletrack

Alps to Ocean Trail. Ohau to Omarama

Singletrack route from Lake Ohau Rd to State Highway 83, Otematata, Otago

10 mi   gravel

Honanki Heritage Loop

Gravel route from 9549 to N Loy Butte Rd, Sedona, Yavapai County, Arizona


13 mi   gravel

NF 618

Gravel route on Forest Service Rd 618, Camp Verde, Yavapai County, Arizona

18 mi   gravel

Cove Creek and Quigley

Gravel route from E Fork Rd to NF-115, Hailey, Blaine County, Idaho

"Sections unmaintained."

19 mi   gravel

Harriman Trail.

Gravel route on ID-75, Ketchum, Blaine County, Idaho

"Trail wash out in two places requiring use of the main road."

46 mi   gravel

Steamboat Springs Grinder Loop.

Gravel route from Co Rd 33 to Co Rd 33B, Steamboat Springs, Routt County, Colorado

"Fast, well maintained gravel."

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