David Roberts on January 14, 2021
Gravel Route
On Goshen St, Oxford, North Carolina
Course is ~20 miles gravel, ~19 miles pavement. Gravel roads are generally well maintained.....packed and well drained. Start at church parking lot where pastor gave permission to park while doing bicycle rides. Route crosses VA state line.
10 overlapping segments.
39.44 miles
410 ft minimum
653 ft maximum
1,814 ft gain
1,824 ft loss

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 Tim Dodge
1 week ago
Nice ride, with a good mix of pavement and gravel. Convenience stores at Wilbourns and in Virginia if you need drinks/snacks along the way.
 Jor Dan
on January 31, 2021
I want to check out this route this weekend. Any dogs on the move and feel free to join me if you'd like.