Jeff Bushman on October 23, 2020
Gravel Route
On S North Pine Creek Rd, Spangle, Spokane County, Washington
Mostly on gravel roads. Southern-most leg is dirt -- may be impassable when muddy.
25.05 miles
2,198 ft minimum
2,572 ft maximum
1,483 ft gain
1,476 ft loss

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on May 3, 2021
My wife and I did this route today (5/1/21). It’s a very nice sample of Palouse country. The route is nearly 90% or better on dirt and gravel roads. We had a variety of unpaved surface textures, occasional deep gravel, some fast hard pack, a bit of washboarded surfaces, and some fine silt like dirt. I enjoyed the variety. The area on the south end of the route on East Spring Valley road and East Whitman road could certainly get muddy, but it’s been a very dry spring this year. We ran into just a few dogs that were friendly, but they did come out to greet us. There is very little water or shade on the route, so be prepared on hot days! All in all, a lovely ride!