Ken Ferguson on September 21, 2020
Gravel Segment
From 3600 W to Doyle Creek Rd, Moore, Butte County, Idaho
First 4.5 miles from Hwy 33 west of Arco is straight as an arrow and flat. Expect tailwind on the way out and a strong headwind on the way back. Occasional large truck or pickup passes going and from the local farms and potato processing plant at mile 4. Starts heading up at 4.5 miles as you reach the base of the foothills with zero traffic. Incredible views of the valley towards and east of Craters of the Moon National Monument. Road winds west along the base of the hills with a few offshoots straight up the hills which I assume are private property. Mostly rolling with a few cattle guard crossings until mile 8 when it steepens and narrows, By mile 9 down to single lane 2 track and gets softer and steeper. We called it day at the 10 mile mark but you can continue to Lost River and beyond. Bring lots of water, dry as a bone mid-September and I imagine really hot in the summer.
9.99 miles
5,351 ft minimum
6,358 ft maximum
1,079 ft gain
75 ft loss

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