Mark Carrera on December 5, 2015
From N Mt Lemmon Rd, Mount Lemmon, Pima County to S Reddington Rd, San Manuel, Pinal County, Arizona
Backside of Mt Lemon, an excellent medium technical route, worse in wet conditions and watch for ICE in fall at the top of the Lemon, I rode this in November/December of 2014 on my F800GS, Panniers, extra fuel and bivvy kit, on Tourance tires, not a problem and so much fun! ITS THE DANG DESERT< play safe and be fully aware of what riding in the desert means...oh, no pissing or crapping off-trail, RATTLERS!!!
23.74 miles
2,723 ft minimum
7,861 ft maximum
548 ft gain
5,686 ft loss

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