Snot Rocket on October 14, 2015
From CT-188, Southbury to Larkin State Park Trail, Naugatuck, New Haven County, Connecticut
Former rail road line with mostly hard packed dirt/gravel. Some fast sections with gradual elevation changes. A mix of cyclist, runners, hikers and horses.
8.04 miles
348 ft minimum
669 ft maximum
413 ft gain
574 ft loss

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 Billy Stratton
on January 18, 2019
Had a really great ride here a few days ago. Icy and muddy and sketchy in numerous places, fallen logs, but quiet and beautiful.
on October 29, 2018
No motorized vehicles. The ATVs that run on it are doing so illegally and sometimes the police have been known to arrest drivers and confiscate their ATV. Otherwise, it is a great trail for walking, bicycles and horses!