Ben Wooten on March 20, 2018
Gravel Segment
From Liberty Hill Rd, Lexington to Martin Smith Rd, Gilbert, Lexington County, South Carolina
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17.02 miles
338 ft minimum
568 ft maximum
1,066 ft gain
1,201 ft loss

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on December 19, 2018
Finally got to try this one today. Easy ride and good for when you want to be out for 2 hours. Front suspension and 3" tires at 15 psi. I was literally passed by only 3 or 4 cars in the entire 19 miles. Note that the route is not quite a loop (not sure why??) so add 2 miles to the 17 in order to get back to your vehicle. I parked at the water tower, like Mr. Wink who posted below. Many thanks to Ben Wooten for routing and posting this to I rate the ride as less enjoyable than the longer Gilbert/Batesburg ride (called "US-1N", just north of Interstate 20) because both the scenery and the road conditions are less desirable here on the Liberty Hill Road route.
 Darin Wink
on November 19, 2018
Good ride today. Parked at the water tower north on Caulks Ferry road not far from course start. Course surface is sand/dirt. Last week we had 5 inches of rain and there's been a few days to drain so the route was fairly firm, but already had pockets of sand drying out and deepening. Start to finish was just under 2hrs with 12mph avg. Scenery is residential acreages, sod and chicken farms, and managed forest. Amount of pavement is so small that easily consider it 99.9% unpaved. Just a couple 100yds of pavement from water tower to start of course. I recommend this course for wet periods when the sand will be at the firmest. For relativity: 240lb rider, avg fitness, hardtail MTB with 2.35 gravel tires running 22/24 psi.