XcRidge on November 14, 2017
From Woodward Mill Rd to Gravel Springs Rd, Buford, Gwinnett County, Georgia
You can access from Gwinnett Environmental Heritage Center (paved connecter jogging path) or Mall of Georgia
1.34 miles
1,014 ft minimum
1,060 ft maximum
213 ft gain
197 ft loss

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 Mike Gerke
on February 18, 2018
The gravel section is very interesting, ending with a tunnel under Gravel Springs road. There is a nature center on this section that is well designed, but not usable by bicycles. Dirt paths near the nature center for exploring. Good stuff.
 Mike Gerke
on December 4, 2017
the part we did was paved. Big plans for this trail, but it is very hard to find current information