Judy Anderson on September 5, 2017
From Greenhorn Rd to Forest Rd 118, Hailey, Blaine County, Idaho
Out and back: start at the corner of 75 and East Fork Road. First 5.75 miles is pavement (chip seal), then after Triumph, which is a very cute old mining area, the road turns to gravel/dirt, eventually becoming 118; continue on until the road ends with the dirt surface and turns into a very rocky road (difficult for my gravel bike). At this time, there was a sign that said, the road was closed to motor vehicles because of a mudslide. I turned around and went back at this time. You will pass two small campgrounds, beautiful meadows, with mountain terrain in the background for a lot of the ride.
12.35 miles
5,558 ft minimum
6,978 ft maximum
1,575 ft gain
177 ft loss

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