Cleatusj on May 14, 2017
Gravel Segment
From Co Rd 494, Strawn, Eastland County to TX-108, Mingus, Erath County, Texas
Great loop that's not graded very often. .
20.07 miles
1,004 ft minimum
1,237 ft maximum
843 ft gain
807 ft loss

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on July 7, 2019
The east side (CR 107) was better maintained when I drove it than the west side (CR 494). On the west side, there were a few wash-outs that had been SORT OF repaired and a LITTLE bit of unexpected mud. This was almost all gravel, with SOME old asphalt as you got closer to 20 on the west side. Actually, the closer to 20 on the west side you got, there seemed to be more rough spots. Overall, though, a GREAT route! :)