Corbin on September 21, 2020
Gravel Route
On Main St, Junction, Kimble County, Texas
No description provided.
32 overlapping segments.
206.12 miles
1,155 ft minimum
2,192 ft maximum
5,279 ft gain
5,266 ft loss

100% gravel

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on February 24, 2021
I drove this over the last 2 days. It has about 74 paved miles scattered throughout the route. The section west of 377 is wrong on the middle part. There is a ranch that has gates and no trespassing signs. It is easily circumvented with a little maneuvering and doesn't require a full reroute. I will post my route after I ride it this spring. This is a really nice route, but I think the southern half is really excellent. I will be starting from Valley Springs and doing the route clockwise from there. If anyone has any tips on riding this on a bicycle let us know. I may attempt this on a Long Haul Trucker with 2.1" tires. Wish me luck!
 Octavio Ulloa
on November 13, 2020
Can you let me know how much (approximately) of this route is gravel vs paved? Thanks