Andy B on November 24, 2018
Gravel Segment
From Old Buckman Rd, Santa Fe to Old Buckman Rd, Los Alamos, Santa Fe County, New Mexico
Washboard city
8 overlapping segments.
10.03 miles
5,502 ft minimum
6,604 ft maximum
112 ft gain
1,201 ft loss

100% gravel

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 Austin E
on June 4, 2022
Did this route on 6/4/22. Washboards and sand all the way, rideable but pretty difficult on the climb back out. Also, road is closed beyond the Santa Fe National Forest boundary (shown in light green on the map), so you can't get all the way down to the river currently.
 M Rod
on July 7, 2021
Great views, not much traffic, nice to get down to the river and the salt cedars. Washboards weren't too bad as of 7/3/21 and most of the worst zones had smooth shoulders or a better line you could pick. A couple of sandy spots but all rideable on 42mm even in the uphill direction.
 Dave N.
on June 24, 2021
Always washboard on Old Buckman Rd. Consider the new smooth MTB trail from CR62 and Caja del Rio Rd. to Diablo Canyon, but the sandy arroyo crossings will probably be hike-a-bike unless you're on a fat bike. And the trail is winding and "vertically punchy" in places.
 Patrick Janssen
on June 5, 2021
Unrideable for me last week. Washboarded out and very sandy.
 Kyle Mason
on May 30, 2020
Drove this route today to get to a hike and agree - washboard most of the length of this route. Shoulders are also very sandy.