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Naches, Washington

18 mi   gravel

Nile to Bethel Ridge

Gravel route from Nile Rd to NF-1500, Naches, Yakima County, Washington

"Detour to Lake McDaniel would be fun too."

13 mi   gravel

FS 7037 - 7036 - 1913

Gravel route from NF-5200-3 to NF-1913, Naches, King County, Washington

"The climb is a beast, but this is a cool way to connect Snoqualmie Pass to the Mt. Rainier area. I used this as part of a gravel bikepacking trip from Seattle to Hood River in Summer 2018."

32 mi   gravel

Cabin Creek Road to State Route 410

Gravel route from Cabin Creek Rd to WA-410, Naches, Yakima County, Washington

46 mi   gravel

Bethel Ridge to Windy Point

Gravel route from Oak Creek Rd to Naches Ave, Tieton, Yakima County, Washington

16 mi   dirt

1302 + French Rd

Dirt route from NF-1302 to French Rd, Tieton, Yakima County, Washington

"a lot of rocks, very rough in some places"

4 mi   dirt


Dirt route from Unnamed Road to NF-1302, Naches, Yakima County, Washington

"Very rough and difficult."

10 mi   gravel

Cowiche Mill Rd

Gravel route from Cowiche Mill Rd to Unnamed Road, Naches, Yakima County, Washington

"Well maintained"