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Liège, Wallonie

2 mi   gravel

RAVeL 1 to Rue Canal-de-l'Ourthe

Gravel route from Rue Garde-Dieu to Rue Canal-de-l'Ourthe, Liège, Liège, Wallonie

"Often very wet."

2 mi   singletrack

Along the ravel (canal de l'Ourthe)

Singletrack route on , Liège, Liège, Wallonie

"Singletrack along the cycling path. Pay attention to cars and bus stop on the end."

2 mi   gravel

Montée Croix Sainte Anne

Gravel route from Rue de Chèvremont to Rue Ste Anne, Beyne-Heusay, Liège, Wallonie

"Beginning on cobbles then gravel and rock. Ending flat on smooth gravel."