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Whitetop, Virginia

33.8 mi   gravel

Virginia Creeper Trail

Gravel route from Virginia Creeper National Recreation Trail to Virginia Creeper National Recreation Trail, Abingdon, Washington County, Virginia

"Very scenic rail trail through the mountains with 47 bridges."

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74.1 mi   gravel

Grayson Gravel Traverse

Gravel route from Whitetop Gap Rd to Firehouse Dr, Fries, Grayson County, Virginia

"The Grayson Gravel Traverse is a 72-mile mixed-surface gravel bike route that connects the Virginia Creeper Trail and New River Trail over well-maintained and remote roads featuring a variety of challenging climbs. The route follows optimal west-east gravel corridors just south of the Grayson Highlands area, in the foothills of Virginia’s highest peaks, criss-crossing the creeks that carry water from the high mountains down to the New River. This overlooked gem of Virginia presents some of the best gravel cycling in the state, mostly unridden and undiscovered. More information at graysoncountyva.com/business/grayson-gravel-traverse-bike-route"

4.9 mi   gravel

Pond Mountain Lane

Gravel route on Pond Mountain Ln, Whitetop, Grayson County, Virginia

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3.0 mi   gravel

Mud Creek Ln

Gravel route from Mud Creek Ln to Whitetop Mountain Rd, Troutdale, Washington County, Virginia

"All the way to the top!"