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Thaxton, Virginia

2.0 mi   gravel

Cool Springs Road

Gravel route from State Rte 692 to Cool Springs Rd, Thaxton, Bedford County, Virginia

"Nice gravel climb with some pretty steep pitches. Intersects at the top with Murray Hollow to the left for a rollingscenic ramble before the descent back down towards 460. Taken in the other direction it'd be a pretty straight forward drop towards Thaxton."

4.0 mi   gravel

Murray Hollow Road

Gravel route from Cool Springs Rd to Tapestry Dr, Thaxton, Bedford County, Virginia

"Fairly well-maintained gravel. Rollers at the top followed by a nice descent down towards 460. Intersects with Taylor Mountain and Cool Springs road."

3.8 mi   gravel

Thaxton Mountain Road

Gravel route from State Rte 684 to Thaxton Mountain Rd, Thaxton, Bedford County, Virginia

"Great rolling gravel hills. There's a mildly technical descent towards the middle with some tight turns where things get a little loose. Google maps satellite view makes it look like there's a creek crossing over Goose Creek, but there is what looks like a newly built bridge there now. Combining this loop with Jeter's Chapel, Zimmerman, and Sandy Ford makes for a great 40ish mile loop. "

2.3 mi   gravel

Simmons Mill Rd.

Gravel route from Saunders Rd to Simmons Mill Rd, Thaxton, Bedford County, Virginia

"Great rolling gravel section. Short climb followed by rollers. Well maintained--suitable for road bikes."

1.0 mi   gravel

Saunders Grove Rd.

Gravel route from Nester Rd to Saunders Grove Dr, Moneta, Bedford County, Virginia

4.9 mi   gravel

Sandy Ford Rd

Gravel route from State Rte 616 to State Rte 616, Blue Ridge, Bedford County, Virginia