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Fredericksburg, Virginia

1 mi   gravel

Pratt Park Loop

Gravel route on River Rd, Fredericksburg, Stafford County, Virginia

"Nicely maintained gravel path"

0 mi   dirt

Pratt Park to Chatham Manor connector

Dirt route from Chatham Ln to River Rd, Fredericksburg, Stafford County, Virginia

0 mi   gravel

Chatham Exit

Gravel route from Chatham Ln to Chatham Ln, Falmouth, Stafford County, Virginia

"Technically a 1-way but safely rideable on bike both directions if you're careful and try to avoid peak tourist hours. "

1 mi   gravel

Mary Washington Ball Fields Loop

Gravel route on Hanover St, Fredericksburg, Virginia

"Nice little gravel path around the sports complex. "

1 mi   singletrack

V.O.C Gravel + Smooth Singletrack

Singletrack route from Fall Hill Ave to Embrey Dam Trail, Fredericksburg, Virginia

"Gravel for the first few hundred yards starting at the eastern end, but then smooth single track to the end. There is a technical (rocky) stream crossing in the middle but it's only a trickle (you won't get wet) but be aware of it! Very doable on a gravel bike. "

1 mi   gravel

Wicklow Drive - Ballpark to Quarry

Gravel route from River Walk St to Gordon W Shelton, Fredericksburg, Virginia

"Gravel maintenance road that goes from the gate at the ball field, past the mountain bike trails and all the way to the quarry. "

0 mi   cobble

Sunken Road Trail

Cobble route from Hanover St to Lafayette Blvd, Fredericksburg, Virginia

"Some cobble, some gravel. "

1 mi   gravel

Leeland Road

Gravel route on Leeland Rd, Fredericksburg, Stafford County, Virginia

"Some potholes and a steep kicker about halfway through. "

1 mi   gravel

River Road to Motts MTB trails

Gravel route from River Rd to Co Rd 618, Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania County, Virginia

"Follow the fenceline around the Water Treatment Plant to get back on gravel. "

0 mi   gravel

Industry Gravel

Gravel route from Tyler St to Lee Dr, Fredericksburg, Virginia

"Full of potholes, but gravel nonetheless. Connects Lee Drive to the Belman industrial park. "

0 mi   gravel

Lee Drive Connector

Gravel route from Benchmark Rd to Lee Dr, Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania County, Virginia

"Connects from Lee Drive Extended Rd to Lee Drive, unpaved, could almost be considered singletrack but it's very tame. "