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Chesapeake, Virginia

20.0 mi   gravel

Cavalier Wildlife Management Area

Gravel route on Ballahack Rd, Chesapeake, Virginia

"Need either a hunting or fishing license to use. "

27.4 mi   gravel

Martin Johnson Road to Portsmouth Ditch Road

Gravel route on Martin Johnson Rd, Chesapeake, Virginia

"You can do ALL of this or only some of this. Unfortunately there is NO loop option. It's all out and back as ALL of these trails end at water. There is a small gate you have to climb through or over. It's there ONLY to prevent cars from getting there. This ride is completely legal! You'll see a welcome map once you get over it. DO NOT go after a rain event. It's a swamp and it will show you how swampy it can get when it does rain. There are NO facilities for bathroom or water anywhere on these trails. So bring what you need. If you go during the bug season wear/apply something that is going to reduce or prevent being a buffet for mosquitos! They get REAL bad! "

3.6 mi   dirt

Little Dipper

Dirt route from Cedarville Rd to Fluridy Rd, Virginia Beach, Virginia

0.4 mi   dirt

Cuffeytown Rd

Dirt route on Cuffeytown Rd, Chesapeake, Virginia

0.8 mi   dirt

Beaver Dam to Head of River

Dirt route from Head of River Rd to Beaver Dam Rd, Chesapeake, Virginia

1.1 mi   dirt

Whittamore to Long Ridge

Dirt route from Whittamore Rd to Fentress Airfield Rd, Chesapeake, Virginia

0.9 mi   dirt

Bedford to Blue Ridge

Dirt route from Bedford St to Blue Ridge Rd, Chesapeake, Virginia