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Boston, Virginia

3 mi   dirt

607 from the 707

Dirt route from State Rte 607 to State Rte 607, Woodville, Rappahannock County, Virginia

"Nice two track maintained gravel and dirt road, hill, would be a blast just after a heavy rain, low technical skills, but it makes a nice loop from the Sperryville pike, from the 707 end, north on the 607 into Woodville...total run, about 5 miles and more to explore."

5 mi   gravel

Turkey Ridge Rd

Gravel route from State Rte 650 to Co Rd 615, Castleton, Rappahannock County, Virginia

4 mi   gravel

State Rte 628 to State Rte 646

Gravel route from State Rte 628 to Old Stillhouse Rd, Boston, Culpeper County, Virginia