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Vernon, Utah

143 mi   gravel

Pony Express Wendover-Faust Dirt

Gravel route from US-93 ALT to Pony Express Rd, Vernon, Tooele County, Utah

"The old Pony Express route, but only the dirt section. Incredibly isolated. No dependable water along the route. Water can be begged in Callao but isn't guaranteed (you have to find people there, first). Stunningly beautiful, achingly washboarded."

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28 mi   other

Vernon Little Red Pine Canyon Loop

Other route from Sharp Rd to Benmore Rd, Vernon, Tooele County, Utah

"This is a combination of gravel, dirt, doubletrack, and pavement. Suggest counterclockwise direction. The beginning section through the Vernon area is a mixture of REALLY crappy pavement and annoying washboard gravel. Once you get to the Pony Express trail things smooth out to nice graded gravel over the first climb and descent. The western leg going south is fairly decent dirt doubletrack. The southern part of the loop (second ascent) gets quite technical and sketchy at times for a gravel bike and there are a couple of climbs that are steep enough to walk-a-bike for most of us. If you can pedal up them without spinning out or "bouncing out"... you rock. It's also very rocky in spots in this area, but doable on a gravel bike with wider tires and low gearing. The downhill once you reach the pass is also rocky at times, but not horrible. Once you get to the flats, there are some areas of pretty annoying soft dust and sandy soil. I assume a few days after a rainstorm, that should be firmed up. Also, even though that southern flat section is on National Forest land, there is some nearby posted private land, and you'll come to two or three barbed wire gates. I was a bit nervous about continuing in this area, but it IS on forest service land, so I assume it is safe and not private if you follow the GPX file. But if you get off, you could be trespassing. The gates I opened (and closed) did not have no trespassing signs and the route on the GPX file is on named/numbered forest service roads. It's the bordering land you have to watch for. Overall, if you like the desert this is an okay route (much more interesting and enjoyable in the northern area of the loop). Truthfully, though, it may be more enjoyable on an XC MTB. I did it on my gravel bike and at times wished I'd brought the MTB. Still... on a gravel bike, it's not horrible if you are an experienced rider, but it will rattle your teeth and get your heart rate up at times. Carry plenty of water; it's super dry out there. "

23 mi   gravel

Vernon Reservoir Loop

Gravel route on Benmore Rd, Vernon, Tooele County, Utah

"This is graded gravel at a very slight incline on the north section (nice fast descent if you have a south tailwind on the way back!), and dirt (sometimes rocky) on the southern loop portion, which has a couple fairly steep climbs. All in all this is a good gravel bike ride with some variety of terrain--flat vs hills, gravel vs dirt/rock. Passes by Vernon Reservoir where there are campsites and outhouses. Northern section is barren flatland and southern loop is juniper/pinion pine in the canyon and sparse juniper on the upper portion hills. Wider off road gravel tires recommended. Taking the loop counterclockwise recommended. Overall, there is nothing technical, although the road does get pretty rough in spots."