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Springville, Utah

4 mi   gravel

FR 051

Gravel route on Forest 051, Springville, Utah County, Utah

"major gradedd gravel road, pavement to the south"

8 mi   dirt

FR 715 6th water

Dirt route from FR 715 to FR 715, Springville, Utah County, Utah

"fairly rocky dirt road."

1 mi   singletrack

Maple Canyon Skills Trail

Singletrack route from Maple Canyon Rd to FR 061, Springville, Utah County, Utah

"This is a short intermediate mountain bike trail, but also a great trail to practice your technical gravel bike skills. There are a couple of very short, very steep spots to practice your climbing/descending skills. The rest is mostly a pleasant trail through the woods. There is a patch of rocky trail, but it's mostly dirt. There is a very small stream crossing and a couple of small bridges to cross. Trail begins at the parking lot at the mouth of the canyon and ends at a camp area."

23 mi   gravel

Red Hollow to Forest Trail 115 to Right Fork hobble Creek to Diamond Fork Canyon

Gravel route on Forest Rd 029, Springville, Utah County, Utah

"I'd suggest low gearing and knobby tires -- my bike has 700x38c and 30/36 for lowest gear (46/30 rings and 11/36 cassette). Trail starts at Red Hollow locked gate across highway from Monk's Hollow parking lot (that's where you will want to park). Initial climb is fairly steep with short sections steeper (my climb was mostly in gear 30 ring/32 cassette, sometimes 36). Trail is initially a decent dirt double track, mildly rocky in spots. If you reach a concrete foundation in a big meadow, switchbacks on trail, and a cattle watering trough at about mile 3.25 to 2.5, you are on the right trail. Continue up the switchbacks, resist the temptation at about mile 4.95 to turn left and back at a crossroads (both trails look traveled. Just keep going straight. Near mile 5.25, you'll reach a summit saddle (if you are not up for a more extreme adventure, you can out-and-back from here). Around the right side of the tree is the trail that starts descending pretty steeply. The farther you go down this leg of the trail, the more primitive, overgrown, rocky in spots, and sometimes almost indistinguishable the trail becomes--generally, just stay on the ridge line if you see other choices. You'll be bushwhacking tall grass and navigating chunky rocks through this section. If you finally come to a place where the trail gets almost un-rideable and almost un-seeable, you're in the right spot. Soon, things get worse. Unfortunately, the forest service has "cratered" the trail to discourage motorized vehicles on the trail. At a certain point, you won't be able to ride this section at all (too bad, it would have been a very nice trail through this section) and will have to walk the bike about an eighth of a mile over a bunch of annoying mounds and holes and weeds and rocks and sticks. Once you get to a large wood pole fence (at about 7.4 or 7.5 miles), this trail meets another (forest trail 115) and is much better maintained on the other side. From here, go around the bent to the north. Your big climb is over. You'll go over some ups and downs (a few steep, short climbs) through some pretty forested terrain over a good, maintained dirt 4WD trail. The highest point of the trail is at about 9 miles. At about 10.7 miles, you should meet the gravel/graded Right Fork Hobble Creek Rd (058). If you don't, you've wandered down one of the sometimes confusing side trails. From this junction, turn right and enjoy the LONG descent down the smooth (but loose at times) gravel road. Around mile 15.1, the road turns to asphalt. It's a long, fast coast back to Monk's Hollow parking lot. Watch the traffic through here. It's bad on the weekends at times. Enjoy!"

17 mi   gravel

Right Fork Hobble Gravel Loop

Gravel route on Forest Road 058, Springville, Utah County, Utah