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Spanish Fork, Utah

28 mi   gravel

Starvation Road to Skyline Drive Loop

Gravel route from Starvation Rd to US-6, Spanish Fork, Utah County, Utah

"Combination gravel, smooth dirt, rocky 4WD trails, with a few ugly spots. Suggested to ride in clockwise direction, starting up Starvation Canyon Road. Gradual, pleasant mostly smooth gravel incline first 7 miles. After patch of soft sandy dirt, trail steepens and becomes more rocky in spots. At crossroad near 10.75 miles, turn right onto Trail 0008. The next two or three miles are the hardest climbs on rocky road with occasional baby heads, loose gravel, and soft dirt. Once reaching the summit area, it's up and down a bit, and fairly pleasant. Beautiful area with wonderful views. At about mile 18, turn right on Skyline Drive for a long (mostly) descent on a combination of rutted double track, hard pack, smooth and rough gravel, smooth and rough dirt, and the last few miles on nicely graded gravel. This is a fairly taxing ride if you are reasonably in shape. If you are not in good riding shape, I wouldn't do this one. There are some steep climbs at times and I would suggest low gearing on your gravel bike. For me 1 to 1 is a no-go. I need lower gearing at times for this route. I wouldn't call the trails technical, although they do get a bit sketchy and quite rough at times, getting a bit into the XC mountain biking realm. The worst are a couple patches of energy-soaking deep, soft, sandy soil and two or three steep, rocky climbs. Overall, it's a really nice ride with several, "Do I really want to go on?" out-of-breath moments. "

15 mi   dirt

Pondtown Rd to Starvation Rd

Dirt route from Forest Rd 0009 to Starvation Rd, Spanish Fork, Utah County, Utah

"a little rough and rocky. Lightly traveled."

28 mi   gravel

Skyline Dr (northern section)

Gravel route from FR150 to FR150, Fairview, Sanpete County, Utah

"nicely graded gravel road"