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Lake Powell, Utah

0 mi   gravel

Co Rd 227A / Found Mesa

Gravel route on Co Rd 227A, Lake Powell, San Juan County, Utah

"Unimproved / can be hard to follow at times. Did this in a modestly lifted Suburban. Awesome exploration and camping."

28 mi   gravel

BLM 12000

Gravel route from BLM 12000 to BLM 12000, Torrey, Garfield County, Utah

"Fairly easy access to the Burr Trail Switchbacks from the South. Good road. Smooth gravel."

31 mi   gravel


Gravel route on NP633, Lake Powell, Garfield County, Utah

"Rises from South to North. Fair easily graded road, not too much to worry about in terms of sand or rocks. Nice riding. Of course conditions could vary year to year. This could access many other areas and trails, but this is the only section I have seen with my own eyes and can vouch for. Could be used to go further into Canyonlands to access Doll House area, but it does get way more technical North of the intersection with NP730."