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Centerville, Utah

0 mi   gravel

Farmington Bay entrance road

Gravel route from S 800 W to N Perimeter Rd, Farmington, Davis County, Utah

"Farmington Bay Wildlife Refuge southern area is open for use/travel in the winter but it closed or partially closed March 1st to July 31st to allow for bird nesting. http://www.farmington.utah.gov/departments/parks-and-rec/parks/trails/farmington-bay/"

1 mi   gravel

S 800 W

Gravel route from W Glovers Ln to N 900 W, Centerville, Davis County, Utah

"Gravel Option to take instead of the Rio Grand Trail. Nice way to change up the road if commuting or looking for something different. Has some more washboards. "

5 mi   dirt

BST Farmington to Bountiful

Dirt route from Bonneville Shoreline Trail to N Davis Blvd, Bountiful, Davis County, Utah

7 mi   gravel

Farmington Bay West Side dike, restricted access at times

Gravel route from N Perimeter Rd to Unnamed Road, Centerville, Davis County, Utah

"Some area's of this are closed from March 1 to July 31, for the mating season. https://wildlife.utah.gov/habitat/farmington_bay.php"