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Sequatchie, Tennessee

6 mi   gravel

Sequatchie/Coppinger Cove to Whitwell Pocket

Gravel route from Coppinger Cove Rd to Pocket Rd, Whitwell, Marion County, Tennessee

"Very rough gravel, rock, dirt, mud, and small water crossings. This trail takes you from the town of Sequatchie TN to Whitwell Pocket. "

1 mi   dirt

Castle Rock Point Trail

Dirt route on Sequatchie Mountain Rd, Sequatchie, Marion County, Tennessee

"Rugged 4x4, 4-wheeler, or dirt bike trail from Sequatchie Mountain Road out to Castle Rock Point"

0 mi   gravel

Sequatchie Holler Gravel road

Gravel route from Waterfall Rd to Waterfall Rd, Jasper, Marion County, Tennessee

"Very rough and steep gravel road that goes up by the water tower in Sequatchie TN"