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Crossville, Tennessee

26 mi   gravel

Peavine Firetower Road

Gravel route on Peavine Firetower Rd, Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee

"Gravel ride"

28 mi   gravel

Peavine Firetower to Devil's Breakfast Table to Nemo Bridge

Gravel route from Peavine Firetower Rd to Catoosa Rd, Wartburg, Morgan County, Tennessee

"Mostly gravel. Through Catoosa Wildlife Management Area, access may be restricted due to hunts or wildlife rest period. Please check prior to entering."

15 mi   gravel

Catoosa Wildlife Loop

Gravel route from Peavine Firetower Rd to Fox Creek Trail, Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee

"Predominately gravel but uses a state highway to close loop. One water ford on Fox Creek Trail, depth varies. Please check depth before crossing. Hunts periodically occur and is shut during wildlife rest period and at duck. Check before entering."