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Vida, Oregon

2 mi   gravel

Connect Gravel Road

Gravel route on NF-2618, Vida, Lane County, Oregon

3 mi   gravel

More Gravel Road

Gravel route on NF-1846, Vida, Lane County, Oregon

5 mi   gravel

Off Fun Gravel Raod

Gravel route from NF-839 to NF-1846, Vida, Lane County, Oregon

11 mi   gravel

Fun Gravel Road

Gravel route from NF-2618 to Huckleberry Ln, Vida, Lane County, Oregon

17 mi   gravel

Upper Calapooia Road (NF-2820)

Gravel route from Upper Calapooia Dr to NF-2820, Vida, Linn County, Oregon

"This route follows the Calapooia River for about 25 miles into the Cascades starting about 4 miles south of Sweet Home. The grades are very mild (often less than 3% and never more than 5%). On 12/31/17, ownership of the road was transferred from Weyerhaeuser to Linn County. http://democratherald.com/news/linn-county-takes-ownership-of-upper-calapooia-drive/article_feb62eb8-44a8-5389-8aaf-e601e4c33b2c.html"