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Mosier, Oregon

2 mi   gravel

Mosier Creek Road

Gravel route on Mosier Creek Rd, Mosier, Wasco County, Oregon

"One of my favorite gravel roads in the Mosier area but unfortunately you will come to a gate across the road with signs indicating no entry beyond the gate. "

1 mi   gravel

Dell Road

Gravel route from State Rd to US-30, Mosier, Wasco County, Oregon

"Wide smooth gravel road "

1 mi   gravel

Behrens Road to Dry Creek Road

Gravel route from Carroll Rd to Dry Creek Rd, Mosier, Wasco County, Oregon

"Smooth gravel "

21 mi   gravel

Dry Creek and Mosier Creek Climbs.

Gravel route from 1st Ave to Main St, Mosier, Wasco County, Oregon

"Either direction from Mosier it's a good double gravel climb. Have a cold cider and a pizza at Rag n' Cloth when you're done, it'll taste extra good. Start in Hood River for an extra 20 miles of pavement."