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Corbett, Oregon

1 mi   gravel

Palmer Mill+Brower Roads

Gravel route from Palmer Mill Rd to NE Brower Rd, Corbett, Multnomah County, Oregon

"Brower Road is rutted and potholes, but is otherwise a fairly ordinary 1-lane gravel road. Palmer Mill, on the other hand, is rutted, washboarded, potholed, and relentlessly insanely steep (~12-20% grades for the first 350 meters.) It's about as scenic as you can get; if you have any spare energy climbing the views, despite being tree-cluttered, are breathtaking. I'd suggest not looking at the scenery if you're descending, because the potholes/washboarding/ruts /will/ claim their sacrifice."

2 mi   gravel

NE Alex Barr Rd

Gravel route from E Haines Rd to NE Alex Barr Rd, Corbett, Multnomah County, Oregon

"A well-kept road, but steep enough to be a brake lever workout."