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Ottawa, Ohio

0 mi   dirt

Reservoir Offroad Park

Dirt route from Pleasant Dr to Unnamed Road, Ottawa, Putnam County, Ohio

"Well known to the area, these trails are an organized system that can be seen by this satellite map. It's a nice little place to have some fun. However, be warned as I've had an encounter (from our very respectful) law enforcement driving my Jeep and dirtbike here. You can often get away with it but regardless remember not to give them a reason to come out. Don't litter and don't do something that will get you in the hospital. It is a shame the town doesn't capitalize on how popular this spot is. I've had some really great times enjoying the outdoors here. "

0 mi   dirt

OH-109 S

Dirt route on OH-109, Ottawa, Putnam County, Ohio

"In between these to end points there is a natural barrier between the fields of trees and bushes and such. Follow the barrier east towards the Hidden Timbers subdivision. The trail continues towards the north or south. Years ago I made trails in the northern parts of the woods which is owned (to my latest knowledge) by a land developer. The only concern of riding in the northern set of woods is having a loud machine that might agitate the homeowners if you get near them. Turn south (right, if you're headed from 109) and the trail along the field will lead you to a trail along Klass Creek. Its really nice and owned by a very, VERY cool farmer. I grew up riding these trails so please respect them for me and the farmer who owns them. The homeowner closest to the entrance of this end of trail on Ashberry Lane doesn't own them but he likes to get drunk and pop out sometimes. Just ignore him. "

0 mi   dirt

Apache Ln to Navaho Trail

Dirt route from Apache Ln to Navaho Trail, Ottawa, Putnam County, Ohio

"The end points of these represent an entrance to these woods. It looks as if these woods were going to be prepared to large the subdivision but ran out of money. Lots of cut trees and some trails may exist from when I use to ride them years ago? This is located near a subdivision so remember not to bother any of the people trying to live quietly. I don't recommend riding here when its wet because of all the loose sticks and this area tends to flood. "

0 mi   dirt

Rd I-9

Dirt route from Rd I-9 to Township Rd I-9, Ottawa, Putnam County, Ohio

"Back in my day there were some trails in this little square of woods. Nothing exciting to go out of your way about. If you do, remember to be respectful and if the owner posted No Trespassing signs its best to not to do so. Even if there isn't, remember to be respectful of anyone you might bother. "

2 mi   gravel

OH-65 N

Gravel route from Township Rd I-7 to Co Hwy H, Ottawa, Putnam County, Ohio

"Theres an entrance to a gravel service road for the railroad. It runs out to Lipsic. The highlighted route is NOT the gravel road but the start and finish points are access marks."