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Lower Salem, Ohio

2 mi   gravel

Township Highway 339

Gravel route from Co Hwy 15 to OH-565, Lower Salem, Monroe County, Ohio

"Mostly gravel with some chip seal/asphalt near the top of the climb."

1 mi   gravel

Spears Rd

Gravel route from Germantown Rd to Germantown Rd, Lower Salem, Washington County

2 mi   gravel


Gravel route from T320 to T320, Lower Salem, Washington County

1 mi   gravel


Gravel route from T38 to T38, Lower Salem, Washington County

3 mi   gravel


Gravel route from Tick Ridge Rd to Tick Ridge Rd, Lower Salem, Washington County

5 mi   gravel

Duck Creek Rd/T16

Gravel route from OH-530 to OH-530, Lower Salem, Washington County

2 mi   gravel

Wetzler Rd T311

Gravel route from Township Rd 311 to Township Rd 311, Lower Salem, Washington County

2 mi   gravel

Peaker Run Rd/T327

Gravel route from T327 to Church St, Lower Salem, Washington County, Ohio

1 mi   gravel

Upper Bear Creek Township Rd 564

Gravel route from T-48 to Township Rd 564, Lowell, Washington County, Ohio

5 mi   gravel

Co Rd 360 to Hopewell Ridge Rd

Gravel route from Dalzell Rd to Hopewell Ridge Rd, Matamoras, Monroe County, Ohio

3 mi   gravel


Gravel route from T128 to Heldman Rd, Wingett Run, Washington County, Ohio

"Nice switchbacks on southern end"