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Harpster, Ohio

7 mi   gravel

Wyandot-Marion Rd

Gravel route from Co Hwy 115 to Baer Rd, Morral, Marion County, Ohio

1 mi   gravel

Triangle Motorcycle Club

Gravel route on Co Hwy 71, Harpster, Wyandot County, Ohio

2 mi   gravel

Snow geese

Gravel route from Co Hwy 71 to Co Hwy 77, Harpster, Wyandot County, Ohio

"Killdeer Wildlife area road.Pond with snow geese in winter."

2 mi   gravel

Chicken Barns

Gravel route from Co Hwy 77 to Co Hwy 71, Upper Sandusky, Wyandot County, Ohio

"Flat with suprise potholes."