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Ada, Ohio

0 mi   dirt

County Road 64 (CR 64)

Dirt route on Township Rd 64, Ada, Hardin County, Ohio

"The easternmost half (from CR 65 to halfway down the road) is all overgrown grass. The western half, from CR 55, is paved. It's easier to find if you come in from the paved CR 55 side. From CR 65, you wouldn't know there's even a road there unless you knew to look for it. You have to look hard to find the stop sign but it's next to a house, and there's a woods a short way behind the house. The dirt/grass road goes alongside the house & woods. There are a lot of hidden "potholes" in the dirt beneath the overgrown grass. The dirt half of the road ends at a wooden bridge (i would not recommend driving a vehicle over it as it is rotting and therefore very unstable... You can however drive around it to get to the paved half of the road. The creek the bridge goes over ends right under the bridge.) "