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Verdi, Nevada

16 mi   gravel

Tahoe Pyramid Trail (Hirschdale to Verdi)

Gravel route from Hirschdale Rd to Crystal Park Rd, Verdi, Washoe County, Nevada

"This section of the trail starts at the end of Hirschdale Road. It crosses over the Truckee River and proceeds along old Highway 40 on a partially paved flat road for about 1.5 miles. At that point, it meets the newly constructed dirt trail to Floriston. This section contains some steep sections, switchbacks, steps, and a boardwalk. From Floriston to the Fleish Bridge, the Trail is a combination of single track, dirt access road and constructed trail. The final section from Fleish Bridge to Crystal Peak Park in Verdi is single track, TMWA utility access road, gravel and then paved road. The Trail provides beautiful views of the Truckee River, and vegetation consists of open brush-covered hills to forested mountains. The total length is 16 miles and the grade ranges from flat to moderate with a steep section beyond Fleish Bridge. Finally, there is another steep section as the trail descends from the Fleish powerhouse to Quilici Ranch Road. Dirt trail difficulty ranges from easy to more difficult. Experienced mountain bikers will have no problem but beginner & non-experienced riders may want to walk their bikes up/down some of the short steeper sections. For more details see IMBA trail ratings on PDF maps above. Recommend Mountain, Cyclocross, Gravel bike."

20 mi   gravel

Tahoe Pyramid Trail (Verdi to Sparks)

Gravel route from Crystal Park Rd to Larkin Cir, Sparks, Washoe County, Nevada

"The Verdi to Sparks section of the Trail starts at Crystal Peak Park in Verdi and for 20 miles proceeds east through Mogul and downtown Reno, ending at Larkin Circle near Vista Blvd in Sparks. The route is paved and has a slight descending gradient except for one small hill in Mogul. It consists of bike lanes, share-the-road, urban streets, and multi-use paths. Departing Crystal Peak Park, the route follows old Highway 40 where it meets with the multi-use trail to Mogul. From Mogul, West 4th Street connects to Mayberry Drive, then Idlewild Drive where it passes Idlewild Park, and then onto Riverside Drive and Wingfield Park. Once through downtown Reno, the Trail enters the Truckee River multi-use path along the river for 8 miles to the temporary end of the trail at Larkin Circle. The section of the trail between Verdi and Reno consists mainly of paved roads shared with cars so riders should be comfortable riding with traffic. Most streets have shoulders and/or bike lanes. Short sections along the route are closed to cars. See PDF maps above for more details. The section of the trail between Reno and Sparks is 100% bike path so it is suitable for all riders. This section is popular with walkers and runners though so please ride with caution."

27 mi   gravel

Crystal Peak Park (Verdi) to Verdi Peak

Gravel route on Crystal Park Rd, Verdi, Washoe County, Nevada

"Really rocky at the top of the mountain so rough coming down but the view at the old fire lookout is worth it. "