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Dunstable, Massachusetts

3 mi   dirt

Nashua-Acton rail line by Massapoag

Dirt route from Groton St to Cow Pond Brook Rd, Groton, Middlesex County, Massachusetts

"Same old sin-wave pattern rail bed. Mostly double-track w/ a few single-track sections."

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2 mi   dirt

Kemp St. to Dan Parker to Martin's Pond

Dirt route from Kemp St to Rocky Hill Rd, Groton, Middlesex County, Massachusetts

"Mix of road types. Kemp St. goes from pavement to gravel/dirt. Dan Parker is rideable double-track at times and very rough for skinny tires in other spots (like a logging road -- big ruts and tire tracks that make it hard with 32mm tires like mine). This route includes a trail/single track bit that is a little sandy but mostly rideable and actually much smoother to bike than the wider Dan Parker Rd."

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1 mi   dirt

to Nashua Acton & Boston Railroad

Dirt route on Mill St, Dunstable, Middlesex County, Massachusetts

18 mi   other

Nashua-Acton Rail Line

Other route from High St to Ledge Rock Way, Acton, Middlesex County, Massachusetts

"The old Nashua Acton Rail line with its characteristic sin wave undulations. Some pavement, including a miserable paved developed stretch through the center of Westford connecting to the final portion which heads over to Acton, but also some extra adventure sections up in Cowdry Hill and Haystack. These trails can be pretty waterlogged if it's been rainy, especially the portions near Acton, so this is best ridden when it's dry. There's some very chunky gravel at the end of the section going from Nashua to Dunstable. "

2 mi   dirt

Stone Arch Bridge to Stone Arch Bridge: tracing the old Nashua-Acton rail line

Dirt route on High St, Dunstable, Middlesex County, Massachusetts

"Old rail bed -- characteristic "sin wave" pattern of this whole rail bed. The southern end of this is often very wet and at the very Southern extent there's a bit of big-grained gravel, but the bulk of this is a very ridable track on any type of bike."