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Dayton, Maine

6 mi   singletrack

Morning Muck and Mosquitoes

Singletrack route from Mast Rd to New County Rd, Dayton, York County, Maine

"Starting at Mast Road which is paved and then trailing off onto ATV trails that skirt Dayton Sand and Gravel, this meanders around a bit of random ATV trail surrounding the borders of the gravel pit and Barker's Pond Road. Once you leave Barkers Pond Rd you have to skirt the very edge (?) of Dayton Sand. I don't know if its technically allowed but there are no signs here but plenty of 4X4, ATV and fat bike tire tracks. Once you are back onto ATV trail proper its a nice wandering flowy semi rocky/ semi technical trail. It had rained the night before and so there were eventually plenty of mud holes and standing water to navigate around or through. One section in particular is about 50 or 60 feet long with no real way of bushwacking around it.Going straight through it is a rocky bottom and at the time, was about 10-12 inches deep. Your mileage may vary."

2 mi   dirt

Barkers Pond Rd

Dirt route from Barkers Pond Rd to Tozier Ln, Dayton, York County, Maine

"The road around Barker's Pond can be ridden clockwise and it narrows down from a single hard packed dirt road car lane wide path to a narrower steeper in sections single track around the pond and by summer camps. If you cross the outskirts of the Dayton Sand Pit it becomes rougher and sandier but joins up with ATV trails that take you back to Rte 5."