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Vacherie, Louisiana

21 mi   gravel

More Vacherie Gravel Riding

Gravel route from LA-18 to LA-18, Edgard, St. John the Baptist Parish, Louisiana

"Ran into some post-rain thick mud along the route. All in all, mostly levee top with some side trips until the rain hit. All accessible, no gates."

38 mi   gravel

Vacherie 1

Gravel route on Karlstein Rd, Vacherie, St. John the Baptist Parish, Louisiana

"This whole route can be ridden gravel via the levee top along HGHWY 18 and a gravel/grass road just north of 3127 (except a brief portion of the levee top by Oak Alley that has been paved). A couple of turn back moments because of mud and signs but all in all, a solid 37.5 mile effort on gravel surfaces. (We chose to ride a bit on the parallel pavement in some cases.)"