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Seymour, Indiana

5 mi   gravel

County Rd 300 N to N County Rd 400 E

Gravel route from County Rd 300 N to N County Rd 400 E, Seymour, Jackson County, Indiana

"Flat rock road across river bottom. Check out the old covered bridge at the south end. Also look over the west side of the new concrete bridge on the south end. When the water is low you can see a series of 40 to 60 foot long logs laid parallel across the river. My assumption is this was an early method of providing a river crossing---anyone have more info?"

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1 mi   gravel

Kentucky Ave

Gravel route on Kentucky Ave, Seymour, Brown County, Indiana

"Small creek crossing and small hills"

1 mi   gravel

Hoosier national

Gravel route from Unnamed Road to S Ogala Horse Camp Rd, Seymour, Brown County, Indiana

2 mi   gravel

N County Rd 425 E to E County Rd 1050 N

Gravel route from E County Rd 1025 N to E County Rd 1050 N, Seymour, Jackson County, Indiana