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Deputy, Indiana

4 mi   gravel

W Short Road

Gravel route from W Short Rd to S County Rd 75 W, Deputy, Jennings County, Indiana

   1    1
2 mi   gravel

North 1360 West

Gravel route from W Deputy Pike Rd to IN-250, Deputy, Jennings County, Indiana

"Graded gravel road passing over the Tobias Bridge"

3 mi   gravel

West 500 North to North 850 West

Gravel route from W 500 N to N 850 W, Madison, Jefferson County, Indiana

"Typical gravel county road. "

2 mi   gravel

North Craddock Road to West 500 North

Gravel route from IN-250 to W 500 N, Deputy, Jefferson County, Indiana

"Normal gravel road"